Frequently Asked Play Place Questions

We want to make sure your curiosity is satisfied before you bring your littles to play. Psst! Don’t forget your socks!

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What Do You Need to Know About Nido?

Important information in regards to our facility handling COVID-19 coronavirus:   

  • We are keeping number of people in Nido low, if capacity count is too high we have the right to deny entry. 

  • To keep up with capacity count, we are requiring booking for open play. You can book here through our play pass button below. 

  • Cleaning and disinfecting will be done throughout the day, and rigorous cleaning will be done during closed hours.

1. Why Are shoes prohibited in the playplace? Do you need to bring socks for all playing children & parents?

Yes, we have mats and softplay equipment we want to keep clean and in great shape for play, so please be sure to bring socks for everyone.

2. If I forgot to bring socks, do you have any available? How much do they cost?

It happens to everyone, trying to get littles out the door, we forget things. We’ve got socks available for $5 if you forgot yours!

2. Can we do a walkin or do we have to book during open play before we arrive?

Open play blocks are available in 1 hour blocks. You should book online for a time slot spot. Walk-ins are welcome, but we can’t guarantee a spot! 

3. Are outside foods allowed? Are there nut allergy restrictions onsite?

Outside food and snacks are allowed, and can be eaten in designated areas. We are a nut-free facility. Please no snacks with nuts. No cakes, cupcakes or other like foods allowed. We have a party package for that 🙂

4. What ages are allowed to play? What can older siblings do?

Nido is designed for children ages 5 and under, and will be enforced to help keep their sense of safety in mind. Older siblings are welcome to come and bring an iPad or book to enjoy in the waiting areas. *During private parties, older siblings will be welcome to play with approval of birthday host.* 

4. What are the cleanup rules for toys at the play place?

Clean up your play! Toys should be left in the appropriate station(s) and or house(s). This will give every child the chance to play with the toys within that particular area.

5. Can we bring our own toys?

We have a full house already, with toys and playsets of all types. Outside toys are not permitted inside the play land.

5. You don't have childcare/daycare onsite?

No, we don’t have childcare/daycare services. We require parental supervision for children playing with our toys and equipment.

5. What is your refund policy on play passes?

Pre-purchased play passes are non-refundable. Once you’ve reserved your spot, that means on busier days, someone else may not have the chance to play! However, if you are sick, we are happy to reschedule play for another time. To reschedule play, please let us know PRIOR to the start of your scheduled play session. Rescheduled play is good for 30 days from the time of original play date.